Miguel Ramos of the Minnesota Twins (TCP143)

On location with Miguel Ramos, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for the Minnesota Twins. We talk with Miguel about the Twins’ 365 commitment to diversity and inclusion, the ways they’ve given back over the past year, and the work they’ll be doing this year to ensure everyone feels welcome in Twins Territory.

Giving and Financial Wellness with Thrivent Financial (TCP142)

With the season of giving upon us, we sit down with Patti and Madison from Thrivent Financial New Hope Group on Give to the Max Day 2019 to talk about Financial Wellness and setting ourselves up for a lifetime of healthy giving.

2019 Twin Cities Pride Festival Performer Katie Beth (TCP138)

On location at the Quorum Village at the 2019 Twin Cities Pride Festival with Loring Stage performer and Sunday Headliner, Country Rock artist, Katie Beth. We talk about the challenges she’s faced as a female LGBTQ+ artist in a corner of the music industry that’s striving, yet still just beginning, to embrace equality and diversity among their ranks. We also talk about the power of perseverance when doors are slammed in your face, and about how we can all make a difference in the world by living out loud as our authentic selves.

Success and Reflections on Anti-Pride with Jeffry Lusiak (TCP137)

In this episode we sit down with longtime Minneapolis artist and educator, Jeffry Lusiak. We talk about his experience as a young Queer artist in the Twin Cities at a time when the visibility of the Queer arts scene wasn’t anywhere near what it is today, as well as delve in to his more recent endeavors, his new Success Coaching business and his awesome new podcast, From Here.

2019 Twins Pride Night Preview with Miguel Ramos (TCP136)

On location at Target Field with a special 2019 Twins Pride Night preview with the Minnesota Twins’ Director of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Mr. Miguel Ramos. Miguel shares reflections on last year’s Pride Night and lets us in on how the 2019 Pride Night will be even bigger and better!

2019 Festival Preview with Darcie Baumann, Board Chair of Twin Cities Pride (TCP134)

We sat down last year with Twin Cities Pride Board Chair, Darcie Baumann, to talk directly to the community about issues that had arisen around police involvement with the festival and parade. In this episode, we talk about the work that’s been done and the progress that’s been made towards resolving these issues since that time, and talk about a few specific ways the parade and the park will be different this year.

2019 Festival Preview with Dot Belstler, Executive Director of Twin Cities Pride (TCP133)

An exclusive chat with Twin Cities Pride’s Executive Director about all things festival related, as well as a look back at this year’s 2019 Grand Marshal Reception featuring Mikko Blaze Bordeaux. We also talk to local broadcaster and journalist, Quinn Villagomez, about her work in the new Twin Cities Pride Magazine.

2019 Festival Grounds Preview with Ramona Richardson (TCP132)

On location at Twin Cities Pride HQ for a sit down with Pride’s Festival Operations and Events Coordinator, Ramona Richardson. We talk about everything festival grounds related – from how to become a vendor to where to park your car (or bike), to finding family friendly activities or your favorite sports team, to finding free water stations and port-a-potties, to where to find the beer garden and where to get your poodle massaged. And we only scratched the surface. Be sure to get your copy of this year’s Twin Cities Pride Magazine Pride Guide for a map and even more info about this year’s event.

2019 Pride Guide Preview with John Garland from Gray Duck Media (TCP131)

On location at The Growler/Gray Duck Media HQ for an exclusive sneak preview of the 2019 Twin Cities Pride Magazine Pride Guide with Gray Duck’s Creative Director, John Garland.

2019 Festival Comedy Preview with Sarah McPeck (TCP130)

On location at LUSH for a special 2019 Festival Comedy Preview with the one and only Sarah McPeck! Back by popular demand, get the low down on this year’s edition of the Big Fat Comedy Hour at the Twin Cities Pride Festival and meet a few random cast and crew members from the show, as they pop in to say hi. We check in on the monthly show at LUSH, learn about Sarah’s new weekly show at The Black Hart of Saint Paul, talk Sarah’s surprise hit Rascal Facebook Live series, and find out what’s new with Sarah’s Champagne Jamboree musical comedy duo partner, Amanda Costner.

Barry Karlenzig of Pride Winnipeg (TCP129)

On location at LUSH for a chat with Barry Karlenzig, Vice President of Programming for Pride Winnipeg. We talk about Barry’s involvement with the organization, his involvement with The Imperial Court, some of the ways Canada is leading in the movement for equality, and the emerging acronym “GSRD”, now widely in use in Canada in place of the variations of the LGBTQ acronyms that we use in the States.

Carley Knox of the Minnesota Lynx (TCP127)

On location at Minnesota Lynx Headquarters in Downtown Minneapolis with Carley Knox, Lynx VP of Business Operations, for a chat about the Lynx’s President’s Circle initiative, their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and all things Lynx!

Jennifer Dieter, Executive Director of The Aliveness Project (TCP125)

On location in St. Paul with Jennifer Dieter of The Aliveness Project. We talk about the history of the organization, the services they provide to the community and how you can get involved in their biggest event of the year, Dining Out For Life, with Super Ambassadors Rebecca Waggoner-Johnson and Eric Zucker.

Our Gay History in 50 States with Zaylore Stout (TCP124)

On location with Zaylore Stout to talk about his background, fighting for justice as his day job and his nighttime hobby, the Anoka-Hennepin School District situation, and his upcoming book, Our Gay History in 50 States.

Jean Tretter at Pride 2018 (TCP109)

On-location at the Tretter History Pavilion with Jean Tretter. Also included is a chat with some of the student archivists we met at the pavilion this year, as well as quick introduction to the Tretter Collection’s new Curator, Rachel Mattson.

Theresa Holl of the Kelly Nicole Foundation (TCP104)

On-location at the 2018 Twin Cities Pride Festival with Theresa Holl of the Kelly Nicole Foundation. We talk about the music and legacy of Theresa’s late wife, Kelly Nicole, and about how you can help support the important work being done by the foundation in her memory.

2018 Festival Preview with Board Chair Darcie Baumann (TCP103)

Twin Cities Pride Board Chair Darcie Baumann sits down with Ryan for a special extended interview to talk candidly about the issues and controversies that have surrounded the Festival and Parade over the past two years. We talk about what went wrong, what’s been done to correct it and what’s being done this year and beyond to ensure that the Festival continues to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

We dig past the headlines, soundbites, reactions and misinformation of the past two years. We get to the heart of the matter and speak directly to the LGBTQ+ community about who Twin Cities Pride really is and why we need your help to keep getting better.

We talk about Darcie’s 10-year rise through the organization from volunteer to Board Chair, we answer all of your questions about Police involvement with the Festival and Parade, we respond directly to the demands raised by last year’s protesters and much, much more.

This is an historic, unprecedented, in-depth, one-on-one conversation with the first female, first Person of Color Board Chair of Twin Cities Pride that you won’t hear anywhere else. Clear your schedule for the next hour and a half.

A Community Conversation with the Minneapolis Police Department featuring Andrea Jenkins (TCP101)

On-location at the Minneapolis Central Library for a community conversation with the Minneapolis Police Department, featuring City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins.

Beth Zemsky and Lisa Vecoli, Curator of The Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota (TCP100)

For episode 100, we venture deep into the caverns below the University of Minnesota on an epic quest to officially archive the first 6 episodes of The Beth Zemsky Podcast. For our expedition, we bring along Beth’s longtime friend and colleague, Lisa Vecoli, Curator of The Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection, to help us tell the story of how the U of M Archives came into being and how (with some good community organizing!) the Tretter GLBT History Collection found its place and cemented its legacy among them.

We also take the opportunity to set the stage for the next 6 episodes of the Beth Zemsky Podcast by talking a little about where we’ve been so far and about where all of the deep intersectional movement energy in our country right now might be leading us.