Restorative Justice with Cynthia Zwicky (BZP017)

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with Beth’s longtime friend and colleague Cynthia Zwicky about the ancient tradition and emerging movement work field of Restorative Justice. While we talk about Cynthia’s experience primarily within the context of the education system, we also reflect on how the practice of restorative justice can provide a vital foundation for much of the social justice work we do. We also discussed how institutionalized power and privilege in the pursuit of justice often results in prioritizing the peace and comfort of those in power rather then well being of the community as a whole. Finally, Cynthia shares her experience first bringing restorative methodologies to her North Minneapolis school, the challenges she faced in doing so, and the ultimate successes her school achieved as a result.

Beth also catches us up on what she’s been up to so far this decade, what she’s got coming up, how to get in on her upcoming “Facilitating Cultural Change” workshop, and gives us a sneak preview of our next few episodes.

For more on the topic of Restorative Justice, check out the links Cynthia provided us with below:

Minnesota Department of Education: Restorative Practices

Living Justice Press

Cynthia wrote a chapter in this book (Chapter 4) that talks about the journey of implementing restorative practices in two school districts.

This book has great stories of implementing the circle process in schools.{9A76A209-B9C0-4E94-886F-30918D80E3FB}

And here’s a link to register for Beth’s workshop, Facilitating Cultural Change: