Leadership with David Nicholson (BZP016)

On today’s episode, we tackle the¬†huge topic of leadership with Beth’s longtime friend and colleague, former Executive Director of the Headwaters Foundation for Justice, David Nicholson. We take a bit of a “thinking-out-loud” approach to the topic and frame it within the scope of the many kinds of leadership currently on display in this country in different arenas, and about the impact they’re having on the movement moment we’re in.

We talk about how various parts of our identities can impact our individual styles of leadership, how leadership doesn’t always look like or need to look like we might be accustomed to seeing it, and about the role of followers in effective community leadership. We talk about accountability, responsibility, leadership as a relationship with the people we’re leading, accepting feedback and criticism with grace and gratitude, how basing leadership on listening, empathy, and identifying and creating shared values is usually not a terrible place for any leader to start… and we only just scratched the surface!

We also talk briefly about Beth’s just announced¬†Facilitating Cultural Change workshop this coming April. Be sure to check out Beth’s website for more information!