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Your annual BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP includes:

  • TWO professionally recorded and produced, on-location podcast episodes to use whenever you need them for any nonprofit organization you choose. Use them to promote an event you’re sponsoring, announce a new community outreach initiative, or support special one-off events.
  • Distribution on Apple, Android and Windows in all the hottest places. Your episodes will be available for download or streaming on any device on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and more!
  • A bite-sized, ridiculously shareable link with each episode for you to share in your newsletter, on your website, on your Facebook page or anywhere else your listeners are!
  • A BUILT-IN audience! The organization you sponsor will be heard and associated with some of the most well-known and most respected organizations around – including Twin Cities Pride, Domestic Abuse Project, and others! Help put your favorite nonprofit on the map by getting them HEARD by people who CARE.
  • Unmatched 24/7/365 technical support. Your podcast will be FULLY-MANAGED and ZERO-MAINTENANCE from start to finish. No one in your organization will ever lift a finger.We handle absolutely everything.

Contact us today for current pricing and 2019-2020 availability. Use the form below or call us now at 651-321-8566.

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